1969 Dodge Charger RT Mod For GTA5

1969 Dodge Charger RT Mod For GTA5

Link 1 : Download from server 1 
Link 2 : Download from server 1

Can you remember the car attached to Dominic Toretto from the first part until the seventh part of the series Fast and Furious? This “American muscle” car line with a powerful V8 engine and an extremely badass appearance, in my opinion, it is really great! With this mods version, you guys can own it.  There are many more interesting things such as a breakable window, stunning steering wheel, lights, 38 ways to tune your car (Tuning mods) and lots of tuning colors if you want to change. I will guide you guys how to have this car in the game.

First of all, you have to download both of the files, link 1 is car mods then the second link is for changing the car’s color. After downloading those files, when you extract files at link 1, I suggest the addon folder. Please open that folder then copy all of it to the link below:
“Grand Theft Auto5modsupdatex64dlcpacks”

Next, you guys open OpenIV software and follow this path:
“GTA Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata” then, search dlclist.xml file, remember, before doing so, you need to click Edit mode in OpenIV. If you find dlclist file, eventually, right-click and choose Edit. Later, players have to add a new line above the “path” is “<Item>dlcpacks:69charger</Item>” then save it.

So, you already have finished the first steps, now is the last step to be able to own this car. Please enter the game and use any trainer software you like. The picture is used Menyoo trainer. 

1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 01

Choose Vehicle Options

1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 02

Choose Vehicle Spawner

1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 03

Choose Input Model

1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 04

at the Input Model, you type:”69charger” to the blackboard, after that, the car will appear! Let’s enjoy the ride!

1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 mods 05


1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 06


1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 07


1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 08


1969 Dodge Charger GTA5 Mods 09


If you want to change the car original color, then, at the second link, you download and unzip it. Afterward, with OpenIV software, you guys follow the link:
“GTA Vmodsupdatex64dlcpacks69chargerdlc.rpfx64levelsgta569chargervehicles.rpf”
Select edit mode and find the file named 69charger.ytd. To finish, click your right mouse button, choose to Replace then search the folder you downloaded at link 2, select the correct file to replace.

Wish you all driving Fast and Furious! Have fun with the mods!

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