6STR Annis ZR380 Mod For GTA 5

6STR Annis ZR380 Mod For GTA 5

This mod will give you the powerful Annis ZR380 racing car. The car in the mods was created with high-quality images so the performance of the car was also significantly increased. The mods also allow you to customize the car with a lot of new gears so that the players can experience the car in the best way. The car is designed with a powerful engine and high handling, so players can enjoy high speed and still be able to easily control the car. And this mods is also very simple to setup even to the beginners.

Download Link: Download From Server 1

Mod Requirements:

  • Have OpenIV
  • Have Menyoo Trainer
  • Have ScriptHookV last update

How To Install The Mod:

  • Download and extract file from the link upper
  • Copy folder “ssc_zr380” in the extracted folder then paste it in the folder containing the game after this direction:
    “Grand Theft Auto 5 / mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks”
  • Open OpenIV, choose Edit Mode in OpenIV then follow this path:
    “GTA V / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data” and find the file “dlclist.xml” then choose “Edit” and add new line is: “<Item>dlcpacks:/ssc_zr380/</Item>” then Save and Exit
  • Open the game then use hotkeys “F8” to open Menyoo trainer, after that follow the step in the picture below to spawn the car

Choose Vehicle OptionsAnnis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (8)

Choose Vehicle SpawnerAnnis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (1)

Choose Input ModelAnnis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (2)

When the Input Model board shows up, enter “zr3806str” then the car will spawn
Annis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (3)

Annis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (4)

Annis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (5)

Annis 6STR ZR380 GTA5 Mods (6)


Have fun with this mod and enjoy the game!

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