Add On Peds Mod For GTA5

Add On Peds Mod For GTA5

If you have been bored playing the three main characters of GTA V: Micheal, Trevor and Franklin and you want to become Superman and fly through the beautiful city Los Santos, this mod is definitely made for you. With this mod you can easily change the 3 basic characters into other characters like the heroes from DC universe (Superman, Batman, etc.) or the Anime characters and explore GTA V. How cool would it be? Now, I will instruct you guys to download and apply the mod step by step.

Step 1: Download the file name “AddonPeds” in this : Link

AddonPed GTA5 Mods 01

Step 2: Extract the file then right-click “AddonPeds Editor” then click “Run as admin”

AddonPed GTA5 Mods 02

Step 3: Here is the application when you entering it, click “REBUILD”.

Step 4: Copy the folder “Scripts” in the folder that you just decompressed then paste them in the folder contains GTA V.

AddonPed GTA5 Mods 03

Step 5: Open “Open IV”, choose “Edit Mode” then go to : modsupdatex64datadlcpacks and drag the folder “addonpeds” then drop it in “Open IV”.

AddonPed GTA5 Mods 04

Step  6: Enter “OpenIV” then follow: GTA Vmodsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata then find the file dlclist.xml. Right-click the file then choose edit file and add this: <Item>dlcpacks:addonpeds</Item>

Step 7: Select Save then download NativeUI from the link below

 AddonPed GTA5 Mods 07 AddonPed GTA5 Mods 08

In the Game, when you want to change your character you can press hotkey “L” to open Ped Selector and choose what you want to change. 

Hope you guys have the best experience with this mod and have a great time playing GTA V!

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