Addidas Pack For Franklin Mod For GTA5

Addidas Pack For Franklin Mod For GTA5

The mod will provide players with additional sports clothes of the famous fashion brand Addidas for Franklin. With the high-quality images used to make the clothes become the most beautiful and smooth for Franklin. With outstanding colours, players can freely choose their own characteristic colour. The mod can also be installed easily and used in the simplest way.

Mod requirements:

  • Have Menyoo Trainer
  • Installed OpenIV Software
  • Have the latest version of ScriptHookV










How To Install Addidas Pack For Franklin Mod For GTA5:

  • Download and extract file from the link at the end
  • Open OpenIV software, select Edit Mode and go to the following link:
    “GTA V / mods / x64v.rpf / cdimages / streamedpeds_player.rpf / player_one”
  • Go back to the newly extracted file, drag and drop all the files into OpenIV.
  • To use the shirt, go to the game and press “F8” to open Menyoo trainer, in Menyoo’s Menu select one after another according to the following items: Player Options -> Wardrobe -> Torso. In the Torso section, switch Type to 13 and texture to 0-1-2, the shirt will automatically appear. Choose Legs and switch Type to 13 and Texture to 0-2-5 and the Pants will automatically appear.

Happy Gaming!

Download Link: Download From Server 1

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