COD2 : Modern Warfare Character CT Urban Mod For GTA5

COD2 : Modern Warfare Character CT Urban Mod For GTA5

The mod will let players change the main character in GTA 5 to a military character in the famous game Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The character CT Urban is created with high-quality images to help players get the best experience when using this character in the game. Along with that, the animation is very well done to help players have a great experience when using the character. With a simple method, players can easily install and use the mod

Mod Requirements:

  • Have OpenIV Software
  • Have the latest version of ScriptHookV
  • Have AddOnPeds and AddOnPeds Editor








How To Install COD2: Modern Warfare Character CT Urban Mod For GTA5:

  • Download and extract file from the link at the end
  • Open OpenIV software, follow the following path in OpenIV
    “GTA V / mods / x64 / dlcpacks / addonped”
  • Drag and drop all 4 new files extracted to OpenIV
  • Open the AddOnPeds Editor software, select “Peds” then select New Ped. When the New Ped board appears, fill in the first item “CTurban”, the second item selects “Male” and the third item selects “False” and then press Add Ped. When you have completed the above steps, click on the “REBUILD” section above and wait for it to finish running.
  • To change the character, go to the game and press the “L” key to open the AddOnPeds menu, select the first item then select “CTurban” and your character will be changed.

I wish you successful modding and happy gaming!

Download Link: Download From Server 1

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