Drug Traffic Mod For GTA5

Drug Traffic Mod For GTA5

If you are bored with normal and somewhat boring tasks in the main story of GTA V, this will be another part to help players be more interested in playing the game. With this mod the player can transform into a dealer of banned substances. With the easy way of buying and selling, when there are symbols on the map that help players can trade easily . Players can also trade as many drugs and banned substances as possible to become a true drug dealer in the game. And be careful with the police, they will catch you.

Mod Requirements:

  • Have the latest version of ScriptHook






How To Install Drug Traffic Mod For GTA5:

  • Download and extract file from the link at the end
  • Installing the mod is very simple, in the newly downloaded and unzipped file, find the DrugTraffic.dll file and copy that file into the scripts folder in the player’s game drive by following the path below

“Grand Theft Auto 5 / scripts”

  • When entering the game, the player can turn on the map and look for tablet icons to make transactions of opium and banned substances in the game. Players can also sell drugs to addicts.

I wish for you to become a proficient trader and have fun when using the mod!

Download Link: Download From Server 1

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