KSR Motorcycle Mod For GTA5

KSR Motorcycle Mod For GTA5

The mod will let the player own the KSR Drag motorbike, a very fast and light car. Made with good quality images that make the bike more beautiful and smoother when used in the game. The details on the car are very well made to make the car become sturdy and connected to other parts. Images of people sitting on cars are not very good, but they are acceptable when driving. The mod is also very simple to install, making it easy for players to use.

Mod Requirements:

  • Have Menyoo Trainer
  • Installed OpenIV Software
  • Have the latest version of ScriptHookV

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How To Install KSR Motorcycle Mod For GTA5:

  • Download and extract file from the link at the end
  • Copy the “ksr” folder in the newly unzipped file to your game folder under the following path:
    “Grand Theft Auto 5 / mods / x64 / dlcpacks”
  • Open OpenIV software, select Edit Mode then go to the following link to find the file “dlclist.xml”
    “GTA V / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data / dlclist.xml”
    Select Edit file “dlclist.xml” then add a new line to the edit table: “<Item> dlcpack:/ksr/</Item>” and then save it
  • To use the vehicle, go to the game then press “F8” to open Menyoo Trainer. In Menyoo’s menu, select the following items in turn: Vehicle Options -> Vehicle Spawner -> Input Model. When the Input Model panel pops up, fill in the code table “ksr” then the vehicle will appear.

Enjoy the mod and have fun playing the game!

Download Link: Download From Server 1

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