Open All Interiors Mod For GTA5

Open All Interiors Mod For GTA5

Do you want to discover more about stores in GTA V?

This mod is very convenient for anyone who is curious about the forbidden house in GTA V. Installing the mods will allow you to go to these houses, stores or police stations freely. Now, it is super easy to steal jewelry and find hidden missions too. Moreover, the mods are not hard to install and it can also help to install another map. So, what are you waiting for!

First, download the mods in the link upper and extract it

Download from server 1 

Copy the 2 files Openlnteriors.asi and Openlnteriors to your GTA V directory

Enter the game, press F7 and wait until you see the “tick tick” sound. You should see Interior icons on the map right now


Open All Interiors Gta5 Mods 01


Open All Interiors Gta5 Mods 02

You can freely enter stores to steal now.

Also going to elevators allowed you to go the highest or lowest floor of a building. You will see a blue spot if you are near any elevators.

Open All Interiors Gta5 Mods 03


Good luck and have fun!

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