Porche 911 RWB Mod For GTA 5

Porche 911 RWB Mod For GTA 5

This one is for players love Porsche 911. The best sports cars in history; with this beast, you can confidently drive around the city as fast as the Flash! I must say, this speed is exactly what you want to enjoy the feeling of driving like the wind to those remote locations to do missions. Such a badass speed!
I will guide you guys how to mods and spawn this car in the game.
Firstly, you have to download this mods version at the link on above. Then, use OpenIV to start.
At this first step, you enter in turn in OpenIV follow this link: gta5 / mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks

Porsche 911 Mods 01

And add a new folder named 911rwb.
After that, go to the folder which you extracted from the downloaded file, copy file “dlc.rpf” to it.
If you finish step 1, you can come to the second step.
That is enter this link in OpenIV : gta5 / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data.
Search for dlclist.xml file. Click the right mouse button and select Edit, this board will appear.Porsche 911 Mods 02

Copy line <item>dlcpacks:911rwb</item> on above the word </Paths> then save it.

Porsche 911 Mods 03

Afterward, we enter the game and use trainers such as Menyoo or other trainers to spawn the car by turn on the trainer – choose Car spawning menu – Select “Input Model” then type “911rwb” 

Porsche 911 Mods 04 Porsche 911 Mods 05

The result will be this amazing car! With Porsche 911, you guys can enjoy the speed and its stunning outlook! When the car is spawned, there will be various colors for players to choose.

Download Link For Porche 911 RWB Mod For GTA 5 

Download form sever

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