Rampage Trainer Mod For GTA5

Rampage Trainer Mod For GTA5

This trainer will help players have the best experience when doing shooting missions or city disturbances. It is made with many functions that are geared toward weapons, weapon decoration, or can equip any weapon on the cars the player uses. Accompanied by the trainer also marks the target so that the player can easily do the quest or the times to rampage in the city but need to kill the police first. The trainer is also extremely easy for the players to use and install.

Mod Requirements:

  • Have the latest version of ScriptHookV









How To Install Rampage Trainer Mod For GTA5:

  • Download and extract file from the link at the end
  • Copy all the files in the newly unzipped folder to your game directory
  • To use the trainer, open the game and press the “F4” key to open the Rampage Trainer menu, use the arrow keys and the “enter” key to select the items and use them. Very easy to use so you can be tinkering and learn in the simplest way without any hassle at all.

Have fun playing with this trainer!

Download Link: Download From Server 1

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