Two-face Michael Mod For GTA5

Two-face Michael Mod For GTA5

The mod will allow the player to transform Michael into the character Two-Face in Batman series, with a two-colour suit and a change of face that make Michael’s character become very cool. The mod is very well done with the clothes made of high-quality images that make them beautiful and smoother when used. With a face that burns on one side, the character is most perfectly transformed. With a simple method, players can easily install and use.

Mod Requirements:

  • Have Menyoo Trainer
  • Installed OpenIV Software
  • Have the latest version of ScriptHookV

Two-face Michael GTA5 Mods (1)

Two-face Michael GTA5 Mods (2)

Two-face Michael GTA5 Mods (3)

Two-face Michael GTA5 Mods (4)

Two-face Michael GTA5 Mods (5)

How To Install Two-Face Michael Mod For GTA5:

  •  Download and extract files at the link
  • Open OpenIV software and go to the following link
    “GTA V / mods / x64v / cdimages / streamedpeds_players / player_zero”
    At the newly extracted file, drag and drop the entire file in that folder into OpenIV
  • To change to Two-Face, go to the game and press “F8” to open Menyoo trainer. In Menyoo’s menu, select the following items in turn: Player Options -> Wardrobe -> Torso / Legs / Head. In the Torso section select Type 29 Texture 0 to switch to the vest, in Legs select Type 25 Texture 0 to complete the tuxedo with the pants. In Head, switch to Texture 2 so that you can switch to Two-Face’s face.

Wish you a successful mod and have fun playing!

Download Link: Download From Server 1

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