Wave 110i Mod For GTA5

Wave 110i Mod For GTA5

These two mods will help you get the wave110i Thai version with the extremely bright and marvelous color package. With the un-mod version, it is a neat 110i wave with a color combination of purple and white. But when you add a second mod, it will become a white bike with a blue rim, a dashboard is decorated with awesome LED.

Download Link 1: Download From Server 1

Download Link 2: Download From Server 1

Recommend To Install the Mod

  • Have OpenIV Applications
  • Have Menyoo Trainer
  • Have ScriptHookV Last Update

How To Install Wave 110i Mod For GTA 5

1, Firstly, download both files from 2 links upper then decompress the file in the first link. Then enter the folder that you just extracted and go to folder “Add-on”. Copy the folder “wave110i” and paste it in this destination:

               “Grand Theft Auto V / mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks” 

2, Open “OpenIV” choose “Edit mode” and follow these steps:

               “GTA V / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data” 

3, Find the file name “dlclist.xml” the right-click, choose “Edit”

Add this line above the word “Path”: “Item>dlcpacks:wave110i</Item>” 

4, Save then exit

If you want to change the color back to white, please follow these steps: + First go to OpenIV and go to this destination:

    “GTA V / mods / x64 / dlcpacks / wave110i / dlc.rpf / x64 / vehicles.rpf”

 + Find the file name “wave110i.ytd” then right-click, choose to replace, then find the folder you extracted the file in the download link 2 and select  “wave110i.ytd” file and select Open to finish. 

After following these steps, enter GTA V and press “F8” to open the Menyoo Trainer. In the Menu of Menyoo follow the step below to spawn the bike

Choose Vehicle Options

Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 01

Choose Vehicle Spawner

Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 02

Choose “Input model”, when the Input Model board show up enter “wave110i” or “nemesis” and that will spawn the bike

Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 03


Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 04

 Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 06


Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 07


Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 08


Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 09


Wave 110i GTA5 Mods 10

Have a good time with the mod and have fun playing GTA V!


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